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Generally, people find me because they have pain in their bodies that won’t go away, despite their best efforts. Many of my clients started with me because of low back discomfort, hip issues, or neck and shoulder pain.

They come to me for relief. They want me to put my hands on them and make the pain go away. As a bodyworker, I can do that. But that’s just a small piece of the big picture—a small piece of the gifts I have to offer.

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The Knots Unwound daily check-in is a guide for you to discover what works best for you, becoming your own best friend.  Join us on Friday’s at 8:30am PT on Facebook Live while we get together, complete our daily check-ins, take steps to health, happiness and wholeness.

origins of physical pain

You see, on further investigation, the successful Sales Executive with lower backpain may also be struggling in his relationships at home. The over-spent schoolteacher with neck discomfort may have a hard time setting personal boundaries with her colleagues at work. How are these related, you may ask?

We live in a culture that has trained us to think our bodies are the vehicles for our brains and we must modify them into submission through diet, work, exercise, and beauty regimes. But what if our bodies are here to partner with us? To share their wisdom? To bring us to our highest and best selves for the new world we are in?

It’s All Connected

Consider a car with 4 tires...

Consider a car with four tires. If one of them gets a little low on air, the other three will still keep that vehicle going, right? However, as the car continues to go, the stress of having one compromised tire starts to wear on the other tires. Eventually, all four tires will be impacted by the one. There may be subtle changes at first. The changes will come slowly, over time. Perhaps the driver just thinks, “Oh, my car is just getting older. This is normal.” Thus, the issues go unaddressed, continuing to wreak havoc throughout the machine.

Now let's give them names...

Now let’s give those four tires names. They are the mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical foundations of your life. The physical will always be the fourth tire— the last to be affected by the imbalance of the other tires. In that event, the only way to truly fix that fourth tire—the physical body—you need to resolve the issues going on with the other three.

This is the core ideology of my practice. I aim to facilitate and support healing at all levels of being—which miraculously ends up leaving you with a greater sense of healing, feeling better, moving easier, and having more freedom at all levels.

Master the ability to heal...

As you master the ability to heal at all levels, your life starts shifting. Maybe you discover you are called to support animal rescue in large ways, maybe you let go of toxic relationships, maybe you find ways to do more of the things you really love because you have figured them out. All of these are the “side benefits” of healing pain. You are then in a position to help heal the planet.

Your wholeness will have ripple effects throughout your family, your community, and the world.

Programs & Offerings

Knots Unwound Signature Program: Healing to Completion at All Levels

I designed the Knots Unwound Signature Program treatment plan to eliminate your patterns of dis-ease—physically, spiritually, mentally, and emotionally. My aim is to support you in healing to completion. 12+ week program includes bodywork—via in-person or distance sessions—and tools to move you forward as easily and gracefully as possible.

7 Circle Healing Program

Your body, your being, is a moving, dynamic physical construct. It is also influenced by your emotional and spiritual reality, and the emotional and spiritual realities of those who came before you. The 7 Circle Healing Program is a process of healing your past so that you can completely heal your present and stop the generational patterns of suffering moving down your family line.

Body Work Sessions with Kelly

Long Distance Bodywork (LDB) allows you to experience emotional, physical, and spiritual healing without leaving home. This modality is especially useful when, as in the present circumstances, life’s limitations make it difficult to physically receive other forms of treatment. Each session is designed to guide you in unraveling what is puzzling you about your current health challenges and help bring some clarity to what may feel foggy or mismanaged in your life.


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