Healing to Completion at All Levels

The Knots Unwound Signature Program

Many people who come into my office are there because of physical symptoms that are impacting their lives in some way. What they don’t realize, however, is that their physical suffering is a physical manifestation of something that started somewhere else. It started somewhere in their Spirit and spread from there. By the time there are physical symptoms, it has already gotten stuck in the mental, emotional, and spiritual levels.

Working With Kelly

My passion is working with you to ease your physical pain—and then moving into those other areas for full relief and complete healing. This 12+ week  program includes bodywork—via in-person or distance sessions—and tools to move you forward as easily and gracefully as possible.

I designed the Knots Unwound Signature Program treatment plan to eliminate your patterns of dis-ease—physically, spiritually, mentally, and emotionally. My aim is to support you in healing to completion. I certainly do not want to pass on patterns of disease to the next generation, and I assume you don’t either. Nor do you want to continue to live with them yourself.

Get the Knots Unwound Companion Guide

The Knots Unwound daily check-in is a guide for you to discover what works best for you, becoming your own best friend.  Join us on Friday’s at 8:30am PT on Facebook Live while we get together, complete our daily check-ins, take steps to health, happiness and wholeness.

The Benefits of Healing to Completion

As you focus on healing your whole person, you will truly be transformed. Some
of the benefits of focusing on your complete healing are:

Set up a complimentary phone call with me so we can discuss whether or not this program is a good fit for you. – Kelly

The Gift of Pain

Don’t get me wrong—I don’t believe that life is supposed to be pain free. It isn’t. It has a place in our lives to help facilitate growth. 

In fact, the pain in your body is a gift. It is an indicator that there are other things going on. You can use it to your advantage as you strive to look deeper into the root causes of your discomfort. What are the relationships that need healing? Who are the people you need to forgive? How do you need to love yourself more thoroughly? What are the generational traumas you need to release?

The answers to these questions will always start with a question: How does this feel in your body? Because the stuff that manifests in your body is already stuck in the other three levels. We start with the physical and “heal up” from there.

Complete Healing Begins with Complete Love

You will find that true healing starts with accepting the pain and loving your broken parts. In this way, you are able to completely move into your body. This is essential to complete healing. Everything is connected. If you’re walling off emotions, it’s going to constrict the flow of life into other areas of your being. You must fully inhabit all of yourself. 

I’ve worked with people who, when I’ve asked if they can describe how their toes feel on the carpet, they can’t do that without looking at their toes. Are you connected with all of yourself? Do you understand that the little bratty voice in your mind throwing a temper tantrum is just a part of you who’s asking to be loved? Loving that person is a part of fully coming to love yourself. It’s about being connected to all parts of yourself. As you master the ability to do that—to completely and fully love yourself and to heal at all levels, including the physical —you are then in a position to bring that healing to your family, to your community, and to the world.

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