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Let's Begin with a Conversation

Before we begin our work together, let’s take a moment to visit and explore the paths of your healing journey.  Whether you desire a one-time session, or are ready to commit to a long-term healing plan, we will find the right path for you. In this initial call, we take 20 minutes and get to know each other.  If we both are interested in moving forward we will proceed with scheduling an initial appointment.  Are you ready to heal?  I can’t wait to meet you.  Let’s get started.

Initial Body Whisperer Session

$120 – This is the session for all hands-on bodywork including distance body work.  It always includes the deep, effective, gentle connective tissue work of Cranio Sacral therapy. Once we have completed this initial session we will decide how to move forward in our work together. 

Body Whisperer 5-pack

$450 – This is a series of 5 Body Whisperer Sessions total, to include hands-on bodywork and or distance work as determined by how our work together proceeds.  We make the most of these 5 sessions to bring you to a place of healing. This is only available to those who have completed an initial consult.

Monthly Membership for Complete Healing

This annual commitment is billed on a monthly membership basis.

Each month you receive:

  • ONE 50-Minute Body Whisperer Session or Distance Session
    Any Supplemental Body Whisperer or Distance Sessions at membership price of $90.00/session.
  • Membership/subscription may be cancelled with 21 days written notice.

Individual appointments must be cancelled/rescheduled more than 24 hours in advance. Less than 24 hours notice results in the full session fee charged. Exceptions might be made for true emergencies-such as involvement of first responders.

"Working with Kelly was a treat... the bodywork session was the best that I ever had. She was also able to help me with clarity on an emotional level as well."
- Las Vegas Bodywork Client

7 Circle Healing

Your body, your being,  is a moving, dynamic physical construct. It is also influenced by your emotional and spiritual reality, and the emotional and spiritual realities of those who came before you.

If you go back just seven generations, you have a pool of 254 ancestors— grandparents for generations—who have helped to create who you are. These individuals undoubtedly survived their own traumas and dramas that shaped their DNAs in unique ways. These patterns were then passed on to the next generation, and then the next and the next. Today, you are a complex web of their realities, beliefs, and experiences married to your own.

Do you ever react to things in an unexpected way? Do you ever get the sense that some of your emotional patterns are not yours? Do you have systemic beliefs or behavioral patterns that are shaping your life in negative ways, but you can’t seem to get free of them?

The traumas of your ancestors, and the lessons and fears that came from them, are also present in you. They play out in your daily life and are being passed on to your children.

The 7 Circle Healing program is a process of healing your past so that you can completely heal your present and stop the generational patterns of suffering moving down your family line. 

In this meditational healing, you partner with yourself, your ancestors, and your body in order to create your best life possible. You restore your ability to freely choose for yourself the patterns and experiences you will have in this life. It empowers you to move forward in your life without the compacting influences of the pain that has been present in your family for hundreds of years.

You have the opportunity now to do what your ancestors could not do for themselves. It’s important to compassionately recognize that your ancestors didn’t even know they could heal, much less have the tools to do so. However, as you utilize these tools in your own healing, that healing also extends to them. We are able to share our tools with them.

Yes—as you free yourself from these exhausting patterns of pain, you also free generations of your ancestors who have come before and those who will come after you. Your family members—past, present, and future—heal both individually and collectively.

We suggest you maintain this service for at least 6 months in order you and your ancestors to get the highest benefit from this practice.  View client gratitudes.

Five 50-minute sessions for $450; 6-month subscription recommended for optimum results.

Long Distance  Bodywork (LDB) allows you to experience emotional, physical, and spiritual healing without leaving home. This modality is especially useful when, as in the present circumstances, life’s limitations make it difficult to physically receive other forms of treatment. Sessions will be conducted over the phone or Zoom.

Each session is designed to guide you in unraveling what is puzzling you about your current health challenges and help bring some clarity to what may feel foggy or mismanaged in your life.

Every cell in your body carries information. I will work with you as your facilitator to help quiet your conscious mind so that you can hear what your body and your Spirit have to say to you. Their “voices” may come through as physical sensations, colors, smells, ideas, and/or symbols. As you tune in to and receive these messages, you will get more clarity about whatever situation you’re in and your best path for healing. Giving the body a voice allows it to find its own stillness—it’s own way to wholeness.

There will sometimes be points in your session where you experience physical discomfort or temporary emotional unease. However, these are indications that you are nearing the moment of revelation. This is where the magic happens. You will pass through these “blocks” to new ideas and understandings that will reshape your experiences moving forward.

The LDB healing process will become more and more familiar to you as you continue to use this modality as a tool in your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healing.

Five 50-minute sessions for $450; 6-month subscription recommended for optimum results.

Long Distance Bodywork

CranioSacral Therapy

CranioSacral Therapy (CST/cranio), also known as connection and stillness work, is a gentle yet powerful healing touch. It is my most consistent miracle tool. The touch begins a dialogue with your body—an intimate, silent conversation between you, your body, and me as the CST facilitator.

During your CST session, your body has a chance to tell its “side of the story.” Your body is a fascinating network of nerves, emotions, senses, and needs. It’s all connected! Everything you think, everything you do, and everything you believe has an impact on your body. CST gives your body an opportunity to “speak” and direct you to—and release—the true source of your physical discomfort.

Perhaps the pain in your lower back is not from pulling weeds last Saturday—but because you are struggling with setting and defending your boundaries with loved ones. Perhaps the chronic pain in your shoulder is actually from an injury to
your knee.

You will always heal most effectively when you learn the art of listening to what your body is saying to you. Sometimes you need help hearing. This is where I, coupled with the power of CST, come in.

This modality is especially effective in treating abdominal/low back issues, headaches, and shoulder pain. Unless incorporated with other table work, this work is done while fully dressed.

Five 50-minute sessions for $450; 6-month subscription recommended for optimum results.

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